Security Services

The more well known term for close protection is body guarding and this service is performed by a security operative or government agent. This kind of security service is famous with celebrities, politicians and wealthy people who need protection from assault, assassination, harm or even kidnapping by enemies. Regardless of how these professionals are viewed […]

The Patent Process is Not Simple

Often patent lawyers need to argue scientific and legal principles before trained government professionals and clearly explain to why your invention is different from other products already in the market. Patent applications rarely get accepted on the first office action. The role of patent lawyers is to work with the patent examiners and arrive at […]

What Kind of Uses do High Voltage Capacitors Have?

Well believe it or not every electrical appliance currently working in your house is working thanks to the proper use of high voltage capacitors. You must likely have them at work outside right now regulating the flow of power from the main power lines into your house. Maybe you didn’t realize that you motor vehicle […]

Documents Required for Patent Application

Description; In order for an innovation (invention) to be protected by a patent, it must be explained in detail. The specification should specify the technical field to which the subject of the invention is related, the state of the art, the technical problems that the invention aims to solve, the explanations of the technical drawings […]

Finding the Ideal Going Out Dresses for Your Shape

As the party season approaches, you may be considering buying a new dress for the occasion. Many women are cautious when buying dresses as they are worried about buying the right one for their shape. At one time, the choice of dresses was very limited; however, today the choice for going out dresses is endless, […]