What is the procedure for getting a patent?

An application is filed, containing a description of the patented subject matter, one or more drawings, and one or more legal descriptions of the patented subject matter called claims. Once the patent is filed, you get a filing date, meaning that you have priority over any other patent filed after that date with the same claimed subject matter.

Sometime in the future, usually between 6 months and 3 years, you will get a response from the patent office. Usually this response could be an office action. An office action lists all of the problems that the examiner found with this patent application, called objections and rejections. These issues could be with the wording of the application or claims themselves, but more likely it is with the application in counterpoint with earlier applications as explained on

The arguments that the examiner usually uses deal with obviousness and lack of novelty. Other grounds would be proof that the invention was in use prior to 12 months before the patent was filed or offered for sale in the US more than 12 months prior to filing. There are others, but the usual arguments made by the examiners deal with obviousness and novelty.

Obviousness means that the examiner would argue that, in light of one or more earlier applications, it would have been “obvious” to someone skilled in building things similar to your subject matter (“skilled in the art”) to make what you have invented. Lack of novelty means that the elements of your claim can be found in one or more prior patents; not in combination, but in each one. The idea of combining multiple references is obviousness not novelty as you can see from


Why Patenting Your Idea Or Invention Is Highly Important

A patent pending refers to awaiting approval of your patent. This is done by the patent agent or patent attorney who will perform what is known as a ‘patent search’ to find out if any other patents of that nature exist, one actually risks legal liability for attempting to patent an already patented idea or invention when one knows that such a patent already exists. This is the first step to patenting your invention idea or getting a pending patent.

Once you have received a pending patent, this can be printed on your product and will keep you safe from people who would otherwise try to mimic your product. This will protect you even if your patent doesn’t go through in the end and will put you ahead of the game.

Why patenting a product is so important is because many out lets that would supply your product will require that it be patented or will require that it be patent pending. Contacting a patenting agency, such as InventHelp, or a patent law firm is the best way to get this done legitimately and without hassle.

The importance of having your product patented is simple. This will stop anyone from trying to duplicate your invention or idea. No one like someone else stealing their own million dollar idea, so make sure to get your million dollar idea patented! This is your intellectual property and no one else should claim it as their own. We all have intellectual property rights that we should investigate with a qualified patent attorney. Patent lawyers will help you in your pursuit of keeping your intellectual property safe and secure.

Contact an intellectual property firm and find out how you can protect what is rightfully yours. Everyone has the right to protect their intellectual property, keep yourself safe from con artists and keep yourself safe from, well, copy essentially.

Intellectual property attorneys are your go-to experts. See to this now before you regret it.


Gold IRA Basics

A self directed gold IRA is a short term for any IRA (‘Individual Retirement Arrangement’ or more commonly referred to as a ‘Self Directed Individual Retirement Account’) that that is capable of holding precious metals including gold. Allowable precious metals include silver, platinum, palladium and of gold. You can also hold other various assets of your choosing in a self directed IRA and is not limited to precious metals. A gold IRA Is centered around having physical gold in your IRA retirement account.

A Gold IRA is More Then Just A Gold IRA

Self directed IRA’s gives the account holder control over what types of investments that they have in their retirement account. Different assets can include real estate, bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and precious metals for example.

Self Directed Gold IRA Custodians

The IRS requires a qualified ‘trustee’ or ‘custodian’ to hold the ‘Individual Retirement Account assets on behalf of the IRA account owner. The trustee\custodian is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all the administrative duties including transactions and record keeping regarding the IRA account. They also work closely with the IRA account owner so that they understand the IRA account rules, taxes and fees involved and as well advises the owner of investment options for their Self Directed IRA.

Good top rated gold IRA investment companies, such as Regal Assets, will have account specialists on hand that are very easy to talk to if you have any questions about how to open an IRA account or roll over other plans into a self directed gold IRA. Gold IRA investing is becoming more popular lately since precious metals continue on a track of becoming scarce, while their demand is still increasing at a rapid rate. One thing that you need to know as a Gold IRA investor is that the value of gold will keep on appreciating as time goes on, just as it always has in the past.

Complimenting your traditional investment preferences, investments in precious metals such as gold is a hard tangible asset that can add to the profitability and safety of your retirement portfolio bottom line.

Golds value remains consistent as resources for gold are non-renewable, so they can’t be replaced once they have been depleted. Gold as an investment is much less volatile compared with other investments and is not affected by factors such as economic, political, environmental conditions and financial reasons. Gold cannot be manufactured so its price can’t be inflated. These are very strong reasons for gold as a healthy instrument for investing. Gold can be considered as one of the best passive investments that anyone can make. You can rollover or transfer existing plans\funds, or open a new self directed IRA to hold precious metals and\or a variety of other investments of your choosing to protect your assets.


Patent Attorneys and Agents

When you come up with something original, you are best advised that you have a patent, a trademark or a copyright for it. These legal documents will not only guarantee that you have come up with a unique idea, but they will also protect you from having your concept stolen by someone else. There are numerous laws that are in place to protect the inventors of these new creations.

Patent attorneys are lawyers that specialize in this field of patent law. These are matters concerning intellectual property. Patent attorneys are tasked to ensure that not a single person violates the rights of the owner of the invention. Patent attorneys and patent agencies, such as InventHelp, are crucial in helping an individual through the process of having their creation patented.

Patent attorneys are qualified individuals. These lawyers have a lot of knowledge when it comes to technology as well as science. In addition to this, to become a patent lawyer one has to sit and pass an exam issued by the PTO. This is to ensure that all the patent lawyers in the industry are competent and are capable of assisting in all the procedures that are entailed with patent law.

Applications for patents are handles by a public patent facility. This is only done after the inventor has had a patent attorney have a look through the application and deemed it legitimate. Before enlisting the services of these lawyers, one should always ensure that the patent attorney is not only registered but also authorized.

If one has the unfortunate experience of being exposed to patent law violations, they will need to report the case to the court of appeal. A patent lawyer will then represent your case as they are supposed to deal with all the matters that pertain to patent law and trademark law.

There are several ways that one can find a patent attorney or a patent lawyer. The most common place would be to search online but one can also visit one of the legal organizations in their location. One thing to keep in mind though is that the fees of patent lawyers tend to be much higher than those of patent agents.

On the other hand, there are over twenty thousand patent attorneys in the United States alone whereas there are less than ten thousand patent agents. If one is simply looking for invention help and someone to guide them through the patent application process, they would be better off with a patent agent.


Free Movie Sites Online

Free movie sites online provide numerous films that the public might want to watch. You can find your favorite old and new films in these sites. When you want to look for a particular film, you should check out reliable websites that provide movies with high quality.

You only need to type “free movie sites online no sign up” in a particular search engine. Then, you will come across numerous sites where you can choose a film that you like to watch. When you search for a film, you can also type the title or any relevant keyword. If you like to find films easily, you can also check out Q & A sites or forums where the participants provide a link to the films that you like to watch.

There are free movie sites online that feature free streaming movies. However, these movies are illegal for you to download because the films originated from the host sites. You can only watch the films, but some movies do not even have great quality. You should stick to reliable websites that offer a number of films that you can watch with ease. You might also want to consult some people you know for links on films that have outstanding quality.


Making IP Protection More Affordable

Many businesses and inventors struggle with the high costs of Intellectual Property (IP) protection. Patents, trademarks and the necessary searches can work out to be quite costly. This article will outline a few tips that will help you to protect your IP in a more cost effective and affordable way.

Applying for and managing your patents can be an expensive endeavour. Patent costs include but are not limited to the search costs, renewal costs and design registration costs. Here are a few patent help hints to help keep your patent related costs to a minimum:

Patent Search Costs:

Performing the patent search yourself will save you quite a bit of money. While it may not be as easy as simply hiring a patent attorney or firm to do this for you, it will most definitely help to make the whole process a lot more affordable. Also, performing the patent search yourself is a skill that can quickly be learnt and mastered. There are also many online tools that make conducting this search yourself that much easier.

Provisional patent application costs: Hiring a firm or patent attorneys to do this for you may seem like the easier choice but the truth is that this application is quite simple to complete and you can do this yourself. By completing the provisional patent application form yourself, you can save yourself thousands of dollars.

The costs related to design registration: Design registration can be quite expensive when you enlist the services of a patent attorney or a professional patenting agency, such as InventHelp.

However, if you complete the forms yourself or use one of the many online tools available, such as the design tool on the website, then you will be able to enjoy massive savings.

One of the biggest expenses businesses face when embarking on an IP protection plan is the overwhelming amount of trademark applications needed. Many businesses end up wanting to file trademark applications for everything from their slogan and logo to their packaging. Numerous applications for various countries and classes are also put into action. Many of these are not at all necessary and businesses can save a lot of money by simply limiting the number trademark applications giving preference to the most important.


Choosing The Best Grass Seed For Your Lawn

When it comes time to seed your new lawn or over seed the present one, the type of grass to use in Bullard TX is a major consideration. A lot depends on your climate. Also how much watering you can or want to do will help determine which grass seed to use. The best time to plant seeds or over seed is in the spring or fall.

Often times there are rumors about some fantastic new seed that doesn’t need watering or fertilizer, and will grow like wild. Canada green grass seed is one of these. This is just a mixture of rye, Kentucky bluegrass and fescue. You are better off picking a quality seed of one variety and growing that.

For warm climates zoysia and Bermuda grass seed seem to work the best. Zoysia can be grown farther north than any warm season grass and is the first to go dormant with cold weather and the first to turn green in the spring. Bermuda grass is best grown in warm climates, is drought resistant and is used for putting greens and in sports stadiums.

Centipede grass is another option for warm climates. It is known as the lazy mans grass because of its low maintenance. It does not need much fertilization and needs mowing much less frequently than other grass varieties. It does well in salty and low rainfall ares.

Cold season grasses are rye, bluegrass, fescue and bent grass. Cold weather grasses in general are less resistant to drought, have a lower cost to establish and are less resistant to wear than warm weather grasses. They are also more tolerant to shade although Kentucky bluegrass is the exception, and needs more sun. Rye and bluegrass are the most disease resistant. All of them need more fertilization than the warmer climate grasses with the exception being fescues.

Another popular grass seed that is being hyped is Quick lawn. This is most likely a mixture of several types of grass seed and is probably much like Canadian green grass. You should probably be a little wary of planting this product and try to check with an expert before using it. If you need to repair a bare spot in your lawn patch perfect works well and is easy to use. It is also a mixture of rye, fescue and bluegrass, combined with its own fertilizer to speed up the seeding process.

There are many factors to consider when choosing grass seed, but the most important is climate. After this you can choose your type based on mowing heights and maintenance needed. Generally, it is probably best to stay away form the more hyped grass seeds that you here about, but check with a professional lawn care company, such as ET Lawn Care Services LLC in Bullard TX, for more knowledge about what might be best for you.


Ecommerce Site That Sells

The entire internet is mostly part of the ecommerce engine that creates billions every year. Whatever it is you want to do is up to you – it’s mostly a free world and on the net you can have your business.

This can be a great way to promote a variety of affiliate offers or to sell a bunch of different products of your own, but e-commerce isn’t easy and you aren’t going to be successful overnight. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a successful ecommerce business, so here are a few of the tips that can really help you.

Don’t forget to ask your customers for reviews because getting people to review your products as well as the experience they have shopping with you is very important. You can do your own reviews, but they have to really be honest and informed. Most of the time, however, they do not bother with it because they see it as extra work, so ensure that your buyers know you value their feedback. Another thing is you cannot legally offer any kind of freebie for testimonials or reviews, etc. You may have to do a work around or get creative with this part of the marketing. SEO for local markets has been doing well in recent years, but your product has to be good for it. If you want to go with Google services, then you can do that and they’ll help you in this area. This is just an idea and again it may not be suitable for what you sell, so you need to decide on that. People always try to game the system, and there are a lot of fake reviews for businesses in local Google search. Remember: there is a major push to support local businesses right now.

Be sure you change button colors for your shopping cart because you don’t want them to blend in too much with other colors. The reason for this is obvious, you want them to stand out to encourage people to click on them. This is because they stand out and are easier to see for what they are. When the buttons blend in with your overall color and design scheme, people might not know that they are interactive. The contrast helps the product stand out more as something to be purchased. So yes, you can make tons of money with ecommerce, but you have to have your act together. Most people fail at their internet business, and if you fail then will you get back up and try again? Yes, you do need valuable knowledge so you know what to do, but at some point you have to get started. When you do begin, then it may take some time to build up traffic to your site.

Health Home

5 reasons to take up yoga

Flexibility, which is connected with the elasticity of muscles, ligaments, joint mobility. The person loses flexibility with the age, which is largely due to the aging process. Regular practice of yoga will not only help maintain the flexibility, but also will help to develop it at any age.

Availability. One of the advantages of yoga is that it opens the door to all, at any age. It is never too late to start.

Mild effect. Muscle tone. Unlike ordinary sports yoga does not cause muscle spasms.

Alone with yourself. In our busy world, it is great to have an opportunity to be alone with yourself. Yoga practice and guided meditation London give an incomparable sense of unity, helping to calm the mind. You will learn to hear yourself that is really important.

Yoga protects your health. Yoga really helps regulate weight (normalizing the level of cortisol, a hormone that is under stress causes your appetite). Moreover, reducing the level of the stress hormone cortisol, regular practice helps retain calcium in the bones, preventing osteoporosis.


Five top tips on how to meditate

To develop a meditation skill it is necessary to practice a lot. You think that you know everything about what meditation gives us. And you sure you’re ready to meditate. However, you may be disappointed from the start. Our mind is in a constant stream of idle talk. Thus, it becomes impossible for us to sit still even for a short period of time. Meditation is the way to the mind clarification. This is the practice of silence.

Restore your sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, it’s better to rest before to proceed to meditation. It is difficult to achieve progress in meditation, if you want to sleep all the time.

Meditate in a favorable environment. Choose the place where you’ll feel yourself in element. Avoid loud music, it will distract you, especially if you are new to meditation.

Do not eat a heavy meal before meditation. After a heavy meal, blood flow is directed to the digestive organs. Blood diverted from all parts of the body – including the brain – for better digestion. Therefore, you tend to feel sleepy.

Avoid pain. Meditation doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. It is a practice for quieting your mind, do not be too strict to yourself. It is not necessary to sit on the bare wooden floor meditating for a few hours in order to learn how to meditate.

Concentrate. To stop thoughts in your mind it is important to choose the object on which you can concentrate at the beginning of meditation. Some people use a rosary, other candles. Experienced people use breathing techniques.

With all that said, you see that maybe it would be wise to find a reputable meditation London class where you can learn the basics first and once you get experienced you can continue on your own.