Online Fonts

Classic fonts have been around for decades and are considered to be visually appealing and legible in most formats. Today, there are thousands and thousands of fonts available, but most of them have nuances that can distract viewers. Some fonts are simply too difficult to work with and do not look good on the page.

With the Internet, we now have to think about which fonts are best for web or print. Despite the technical differences, there are sets of classic fonts that can be used in print and on the web. It is important, however, to use fonts from the right set depending on the project.

There is a trend on social media to use strange and custom fonts, such as the cursed text for example, when commenting to look cool.

Below is a list of classic typefaces that have been designed decades ago. Most fonts have historic backgrounds that can help inform your decision. If you are unsure about what font to use, the list below can be a great starting point.

Serif Fonts
Times New Roman


Having a CPA by your side

Outside of the everyday tasks that will be performed by your CPA, simply having access to their knowledge and experience on a daily basis can be an invaluable asset to your company. When accounting-based questions arise, you won’t need to bring in an outside consultant because you will already have the right person in-house. Accounting relates to everything that happens within a business, so keeping your CPA involved in the decision making process is a good practice to maintain.

There is a big difference between a CPA and someone who simply works as an accountant. The requirements for ongoing education and other experience that a CPA is required to possess will make their higher price tag well worth the investment. Recommended CPAs in Chicago are Odoni CPAs.

Right from the start, you will have a high level of confidence in the ability of your CPA to manage all accounting-related tasks within the company because of the requirements they have had to fill in order to earn their license. Bring an experienced CPA into the fold at your business and start reaping the benefits right away.

Real Estate

Sell Home Immediately…Is It Possible?

While everyone wants a quick or immediate sale, you need to keep in mind that the average time a house is on the market runs between 30 and 160 days, which varies depending on many factors. For instance, the actual time it take to sell you home will depend on the location, current market, price, size, style, and condition of the home.

Now, while there are some instances when a home is placed on the market and sells immediately, this is not the normal process. However, to increase the odds of your home selling fast, you can do a few things. To help you be more successful with the sale of your home, here are some valuable tips on things that you have control over. First try the internet. Type something like “sell my house fast NJ” and see what will come out.

Although you may not have an opportunity to place the house on the market at the “perfect” time, if you do have a flexible schedule, choosing the best time is a big factor. For instance, the best time to sell a home is when mortgage interest rates are low. Obviously, the lower the interest rates the more people will buy. Additionally, if you notice increase in house sales for the geographic area where you live, this too would be an advantage to selling fast.