How Yoga Calms Mind and Body

Anxiety and stress are both dangerous to one’s health. Especially in today’s society where almost every person is living a high stress life – calming one’s body and mind is a necessary ingredient in living a healthier, quieter, and more peaceful life.

Stressors will always be around as they are part of the daily challenges of life, it is important then to learn how to cope with these stressors to avoid their unwanted effects such as – adrenal fatigue, neurotransmitter imbalances or deficiencies and hormone imbalance which may lead to depression, anxiety, inability to lose weight, hyperactivity, declining cognitive abilities, insomnia, chronic pain, excessive fatigue, allergies, addiction and a variety of other conditions.

Lucky for us, there is a way to avoid all of these. A simple and effective way is to practice yoga. Yoga can help calm both mind and body and including yoga in your lifestyle may be the easiest, most inexpensive, and best way for you to attain relaxation and stress reduction as explained on Nirogi Tan blog.

Here is how Yoga can help:

Calming Breathing Techniques – Taking notice and watching your breath helps you to become calm. The Ujjayi breath is a powerful breathing technique used in yoga that is both extremely calming and warming. To do this, you would breathe deeply through your nose towards the back of your throat with an aspirate sound and would release the breath in the same fashion for the exhales. This method of breathing is slow and continuous that would calm you and your heart rate.

Calming Yoga Postures – There are several yoga postures that can help you to relax your mind and body. Postures such as the Child’s pose, Shoulder Stand, Head Stand, and Spread Leg Forward Pose – help to melt away tension and allow free breathing.

Learning yoga postures and breathing techniques and practicing them will lead you not only to a better physical health but also to a state of peace.


Idea Patenting

A ground-breaking idea can give a twist to your designation. A useful and operative idea can enable you to get a patent unless it is offensive to public morality or is intended for only illegal purposes. And, being an inventor of an innovative idea, you can certainly apply for patent.

A patent is issued to the individual inventor and not to a company. Patent protection is available for any product, process or design meeting certain requirements like novelty, non-obviousness and utility. However, the patent protection lasts for a limited period as described on

Types of Patents

Patents are available in all shapes and sizes. There are three major types of patent and two subtypes of utility and plant patents called provisional and non-provisional. The majority of the patents are designed for non-provisional patents as you can read from

• Utility (Non-provisional) patent

• Design patents

• Plant patents

Provisional patent application – It never becomes a patent itself while it requires the filing of a non-provisional patent application within one 12 months. However, it is only an interim application.


Good returns with Gold IRA investing

Protection is the key, and this type of investing means protecting your investments by making your portfolio diversified. With these gold accounts your investments are protected and secured. Even as the unpredictable stock markets and weakening economies continue to be seen, gold prices stay stale and their value still goes up.

Tax Breaks For A Gold IRA

As gold being one of the best retirement investments as well, anyone who buys gold coins that were produced in their own country doesn’t have to pay sales tax. The gold can be then stored in a tax free Gold IRA account for use in the future.

Upon retirement when the gold is taken out of the account, it can be sold in installments or all at once. When it gets sold at this time, you’ll only have to pay taxes on your profits, and it will be a fairly low tax rate. This lets the investor keep most of their profits for use during the retirement years.

What Can You Roll Over Into A Gold IRA?

Besides from purchasing a gold IRA accounts you can move 401k to gold without penalty or roll over various types of plans like, 401k, 403b, 457b, some types of annuities, pension plans, Roth IRA’s, Traditional IRA’s and SEP’s into a self directed IRA. There are no tax penalties for rolling over into a self directed IRA plan.


Different Examples of Good Invention Ideas

There is a wealth of good invention ideas conceptualized by different people everywhere. Some of these people are inventors themselves awaiting an approval of their patent. Others share their good invention ideas as a way of wishing that other inventors out there are will actualize them in the future as discussed on

Examples of good invention ideas

The following are examples of good invention ideas shared by ordinary people:

Belt for sports balls

This product is similar to a typical belt except that it has features that allow it to secure golf balls around a golf player’s waist. It eliminates the need to go back and forth to a golf bag or golf cart just to get more golf balls. Should this invention idea be actualized in the future, golf players need not endure the discomfort of placing golf balls in their pocket.

Television goggles

This product is basically a counterpart of the headphones you use to listen to music. The lens of the goggles have television screens inside them that let you watch different television programs. It may be attached to a machine that is similar to a DVD player so that you can also watch movies using your goggles.

Actualization of good invention ideas

Several good invention ideas in the past fortunately did not remain as mere ideas. Through their inventors’ efforts, they were actualized and made available to the public. The following are examples of these good invention ideas:

Cast cooler

This great invention was created by Krysta Morlan when she was still a college student. Her main inspiration for creating a cast cooler was her firsthand experience in donning a cast that extends from her hips to her ankles.

With the help of her father, Morlan designed the cast cooler by using a machine that consists of a small electric motor, a modified aquarium pump, a plastic tube, and a nine-volt battery. This machine provides cool air to the cast by using the plastic tube as a connection.

Amphibious sandals

Another of the good invention ideas actualized in the past is a pair of amphibious sandals. This special type of footwear is a brainchild of Mark Thatcher. Thatcher’s outdoor water adventures made him realize the need for shoes that are comfortable yet durable enough to be used in water.

In the year 1982, he innovated a pair of typical thongs by designing them with rubber soles and nylon ankle straps. These special sports shoes proved to be so unique and useful that it created a great demand in the market years after the birth of his idea. Find a lot more about inventions and patents from