Is Your Invention ready to be Patented

As an inventor, you have ideas flowing through your head at a rapid pace. For some inventors, all of these fantastic ideas can not only help to provide something useful to the world but also mean a profit in hand. Although there are many ideas floating through your head, you should understand what can be patented and what may not work well. The US patent laws are in place to protect people from patents that are not just or that infringe on the rights of other patent holders. Some items are just not something you can patent at all. Knowing the difference is essential to any inventor.

Throughout time, the patent laws have become more specific and clear and therefore, there are several requirements that you have to maintain in order to get a patent.

First, the subject matter you wish to patent, must be patentable. This means that your patent can not be just an idea. An idea is not a working invention and therefore is not patentable. Rather, the idea must be one of the following. It must be a process or a method. It must be a machine. It must be a manufactured article. It must be a product of new composition. Any of these can be a patentable product. Of course, you do not need all of them to be true, just one as shown in article.

There are some items that cannot be patented in this line of thought. For example, you cannot patent a mathematical formula, no naturally occurring substance can be patented and nothing that is considered a law of nature can be patented. More so, any process done completely by the human body cannot be under patent.

Another consideration is what can be patented specifically. For example, any item considered a novelty must be something that is new. It has to be different from anything that is in the current public domain right now. This is known as prior art, which is defined at something that is described in a publication one year prior to the filing of the application or anything that is already in public use or on the market.

The process of filing a patent is a long one and it can be complex, but the process also takes into consideration all of these situations. The process insures that what you patent is something that can be patented and that no one else has patented in the past. By going through this process, you are sure to get your patent in place to protect any invention you have been working on and developing. For more information you can read on

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How much will it cost to join freelance sites?

While you can register with most sites for free, there are sites that charge fees on project bidding, charge a commission on earnings, or require both. Some sites like Elance give out a certain number of free bids per month and offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions which provide additional credits that can be spent to bid on more projects on the site.

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Why should I own a Patent?

A patent is form of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) which gives inventors a statutory monopoly over the use of their inventions provided their inventions meet the requirements as prescribed under the law.

A patent is a productive commercial asset. Once you own a patent, you may outright sell it for a good amount of money. You may yourself become the sole manufacturer of your invented product. You may also license your patent to a manufacturer and get license fees on a regular basis as you can read from post.

In order to obtain maximum protection for exclusive control over your invention and intellectual property, you are required to obtain a patent. Moreover, if someone else independently makes a similar invention and obtains a patent on it, then you will be prevented from making use of your invention.

It is not mandatory to hire the services of a patent attorney/patent agent to file a patent application. However, when you have the legal expertise of a patent attorney in drafting and filing your patent application, then the chances of success in your patent application improve vastly.

Hiring the professional services of a Patent agency, such as InventHelp, or a Patent Attorney can save you lot of hassles and money. A wrongly drafted patent application can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when rejected by the patent and trademark office for subsequent filings.